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The Rake 1 12, 3:31pm

@paxman356 I think I should have chosen my words more carefully. I was aware of the long drought (I misspelt it in the original comment) and the previous fires. I have no doubt these fires would have happened no matter what sort of forestry measures had been taken and that they would have spread quickly. But that does not mean that these things should be ignored. Taking care of the floor, making the most of having safety perimeters on roadsides, and having a warning system that all aviators are obliged to be a part of would make the firefighters more efficient. Firefighting is about containment and these fires could have been contained much sooner.

I wrote that I think Trump’s views on climate change are appalling. I hold the same opinion regarding his views on cutting funding from FEMA. That is like taking money from Federal Aviation Administration because plane accidents happen. Or from the police because people commit crimes.