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The Rake 1 12, 3:57pm

@minnesota I think there may be some confusion here regarding different varieties of English. The English terminology used by Finnish officials is a bit different. Forestry is the umbrella term for all things related to forest work. Gardening is specifically related to forestry concerning the floor (although thinning is not considered a part of gardening; messed up the sentence structure in the original comment).

Gorges and cliffs work as possible fire barriers just as well as roads with ditches and trimmed roadsides. You can use helicopters and planes to both observe how the fire is behaving and to create short term containment until firefighters at a more easily managed position are prepared. If the floor is dry, then the soil will be your friend. You use sand to cut out the oxygen and if that is not possible, you plough certain areas to give the firefighters more time.

Of course firefighters do not want to burn someone’s house down. Controlled fires are about containment and when nothing else works, you use buildings to slow the fire down. The problem is that American organisations do not talk with each other. You need the people who fly in the area, the people who take care of the roads, the people who take care of the forests, the people who have mapped the area, the people who provide emergency gear, the firefighters, etc. not only to talk to each other but to plan beforehand. I have no doubt that everyone does their best, but if your left hand does not know what your right hand does, well... And the firefighters are the ones left with the short end of the stick.

Edit: (I somehow managed to skip some of the sentences in the paraphrase about the controlled forest burns.) Another commentator wrote about there being lots of dead trees in the area. Rather than have a controlled burn, people should collect the dead trees, bushes etc. and make a use of it in energy production, or turn it into garden fertiliser or whatever those things you put on flowerbed soil to prevent the moisture from escaping are called. If you burn them, you release a lot of CO2 without getting anything out of it.