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The Rake 3 12, 11:22pm

@stevep59 Definitely stupid, but that's the state of conservation in the USA.

I don't hunt, either. Fish, yeah, but I don't think I'd be able to shoot anything warm-blooded. My brother-in-law, most of my uncles, and just about every other male in this area does, though. *Not* allowing hunting is just as prone to abuse and mismanagement. The correct course of action depends a lot on local factors like culture, religion, and resources. Big game hunting in Africa has *helped* conservation in some countries (largely by providing income for the locals, thus giving them an incentive to protect their resources) and seriously hurt in others (mostly in what are called 'kleptocracies,' of which there are far too many).

Point is, having a bunch of folks in Europe and America dictate conservation policy for an entire *continent* that they aren't even familiar with is not just profoundly conceited, but smacks of colonialism.