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The Rake 4 12, 9:16am

@ZilWerks Wow, it continues to amaze me how much Oregon follows California's lead. We have Little Frisco (Portland) up here dictating to the entire state with some help from Eugene and that includes trying to destroy the logging industry (basically our only source of forest management) at the expense of rural towns and increased fire risks... like with the Eagle Creek fire which burned extra hot due to charcoaled wood from old burns that weren't harvested due to environmentalists and fuel buildup from a lack of proper forest management. These ignorant people see trees as others might some kind of historic rock formation and try to protect them accordingly when they should be treating them as we would any growing plant. They don't realize that forests (and their pests) are naturally thinned by fire. Without thinning, you get a stair step effect that allows fire to reach the tallest trees that naturally would have been too tall to burn down. When we stopped the cycle, to protect ourselves, we needed to take up the duty of caring for the forest. Yet we aren't, but we still stop the fires. >_<