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The Rake 4 12, 3:27pm

@minnesota I don't think size is relevant because the vast majority of Finland, about 80% or over is forest as well. Large as USA or its states are, they are not quite that large. It is party governmental in that while I do not doubt American expertise or quality, that does not translate to getting proper resources. I can't remember the details exactly but there was a study that researched how much funding is spent on different aspects of society and for Finland I think on % we spent one of the most if not the most of resources in nature management. It is not a question of knowledge or skill but that of economic focus there. Additionally weather does matter as do the species of trees.

My father who is a Biologist and Geographer knows that even dry, large and hard to traverse forests can be maintained hypothetically if they were deemed important enough to spend the required resources. Doesn't take a genious to know that of course, but for what it is worth in any case. Like I said though, that is an economic issue more than skill or information. It is also a bit cultural I think. Here we focus a lot in the importance of ecology and from what I understand from American friends I personally know, the attitude is not as universally shared there. Some states more than others, but not at the level we do from what I understand.

On a sidenote it is difficult, of course it is, even we had few cases of small fires or near fires in the last summer which was record hot and dry. It is a nightmare situation for the local Californians to have even drier and hotter with fewer resources available. At the end of the day I think everyone agrees that taking care of forests is important because while we may forget, mother nature won't and she is a force to be reckoned with.