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The Rake 6 12, 12:04pm

@ZilWerks I understand that being involved in a fire like that is rough. My grandpa and Step-grandma's house was only a mile away from the fire line of the Tubbs fire last year. I still can't believe the fire jump all 6 lanes of interstate highway 101. But remember to do your research.

1 tree per every 1089 square feet (43560 sq feet in an acre/40 trees) or ~101.17 sq m seems rather sparse to me.

Using pesticides would hurt more than just the the intended beetles and get into the watershed aka our drinking water.

It is not that they are against thinning the forest, it is that thinning the forest can mess with endangered species and there are law of which protected them and affect what you can do in those areas. Also up where you live most of the forest is owned privately or by the Federal government and thus not managed by the state of California. So getting mad at the state legislators doesn't solve the issue.

Also look at this

Also a rant about trees:
On the central coast, we have trees called Monterey pines that literally fling their flaming pine cones as part of their reproductive cycle. Serotinous trees sure are fun. Knobcone pines and Lodgepole pines are also serontinous. Lodgepole pines sure make a "lovely" combo with those mountain pine beetles you mentioned, don't they? The beetles absolutely love them.