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Good for business 24 12, 1:24pm

I have issues with anyone who hunts rhinos to the point of extinction just for their horns. Or the push pangolins to the point of extinction in their own countries so they have to start smuggling and killing ones from other countries. And then we have shark fin soup. Cut the fins off the shark while its alive or dead and just throw out the rest. So its cruel AND wasteful AND contributes to the decrease in the shark population.
They might have introduced vegetarianism but they still use a lot of "medicines" that are obtained by killing endangered animals. I don't like sports hunters. I don't like needless suffering. I don't have a negative view of any culture. I have a negative view of traditions that are pointless, harmful, cruel, and destructive to the world.
I hate and often rage against the use of trucks by people who don't need them here in the US because they are so bad for the environment. I am against ALL sport hunting. I work in the solar industry and work to encourage people to take care of the planet. I try to only eat animal products that have been obtained in a humane manner.
The industrial revolution did start in Europe and in America white people nearly wiped out the wolves, the buffalo, and a ton of other species. But the WWF was also started in Europe and it is working to protect the wildlife. Multiple organizations have worked together to save the wolves and buffalos.