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Not so holy cross 31 12, 10:01am

@lunayoshi Commercial whale hunting has been banned in the Faroes since the Whaling Industry nations imposed a moratorium on whaling back in the 80s. (Of the Nordic countries today only Iceland and Norway have commercial whaling) Interest in whaling at the time in the Faroes was at an all time low, nobody was interested in the smaller whales and there were fewer grindarakstrar and grindadráp (those are the two activities involved in what is referred to as 'at fara í grind' and that practice is non commercial (has been since the advent of electricity, as the only commercial part of Faroese community whaling was the part of the whale that could be melted down to produce whale oil... waste not, want not)). Then in 85 or 86 a terrorist organisation came to the Faroes for the first time. They started provoking people, causing danger to themselves and others. The Faroese authorities were charged with handing over a an official statement asking them to leave... The terrorists responded by pouring gasoline over the unarmed police officers and officials and started firing flares at them. This provocation by these terrorists lead to the Faroese taking a greater interest in non-commercial whaling, and they have continuously developed the practices, so that they are as humane as possible.

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