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The end of the end of the history 15 1, 8:35am

I know the best parts of my countries have been destroyed by the two WW and the struggle we have comes in a very big part from the mistakes we made right after this war.

Yes the modern world is nice in a few parts, but don't forget that you are american and your country became one of the most powerful with the two world wars, in Europe my lovely country lost the leader place we always had to become soon bankrupted country, which lost its economy, its industry, its science, and the worst is loosing its culture and its History and we're falling more and more every year.

When I turned 18 I inherited of an overdebted country where nearly everything which could permit to keep it safe have been sold and closed. Trust me when you understand all the stupid stuff which have been done by our presidents, you definitely could repeat the History and behead a few politicians for treachery.

In the same time I'm still young but I see the traditional life of my country disappearing, existing only in a few dying villages. I see now the modern way of living and I often feel like I'm a 80 years old man looking at a world that I don't really want, paying for debts I never incurred. I often feel like I'm a roman during the fall of the Western Roman Empire. My country exists since the fifth century but it will probably cese to exist while I'm alive and with it its people will follow. It's a very common feel here in Europe, the "authorian" movement we have for ~20 years is only a consequence of the massive unwanted changes we have here.

Never forget something : a begin is the end of what was before, and what we name the progress can also be the development of a bad idea.