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Wikipedia 6 2, 12:35am

@korben600 As someone who speaks some dialects of the Filipino language, yes, I can confirm. I usually read on Wikipedia when bored, and despite Cebuano having more "articles" Tagalog Wikipedia tends to be much more informative than its Cebuano counterpart.

Still, the Tagalog Wikipedia, alongside the Waray Wikipedia still has the "one-sentence article stubs", just a tad bit less than its Cebuano counterpart, which, of course, is the worst offender in the world of Philippine Wikipedia.

Thankfully, the problem was less prominent in the Kapampangan, Chavacano, and Pangasinense dialects, which weren't too involved in the "article-war" between the Cebuano, Tagalog, and Waray dialects.

And to end this with good news, the Ilokano and Bikolano Wikipedias managed to be mostly free of this problem.