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A whole new world 4 3, 1:55am

This. And to clarify for some people, it's not about getting others to do work for free or because of a sense of duty. The idea is that if you do an action or inaction that affects others, it's no longer your right.
This is also why in some states bystanders of robbery or even murder are also at fault if they didn't call emergency services. Their inaction led to someone being negatively affected.

You have a right to choose any brand name of a product at a store. You have a right to dance in your underwear at home and play music you enjoy.

You do NOT have a right to not use a seat belt. You do not have a right to litter. You do not have a right to not wear a helmet on a bike or horse.
Why? Not because people care about controlling you, that's conspiracy theory levels of egocentrism to even think anyone matters so much. No, it's because it costs other people. Money from taxes when someone who should of worn a seat belt ends up in the ER. Money to clean up lakes, rivers and roads because it adversely affects the health of others.
From a social standpoint, we also are beholden to those that know of and care about us. I shouldn't hurt myself or put myself in harms way because I cause emotional distress and social upheaval to those that care about me. No one is an island, there are few things that are only ever going to affect just you. Your health and pretty much anything you do in public is generally not one of them.

Something that affects other people in a negative way is not a right. You have a quid pro quo to uphold if you want to use and utilize things. I treat my neighbors well and pay my taxes because I want the right to be able to use roads, healthcare, education etc. I follow the rules because I gain benefit from doing so. Not because I believe in a moral complex or that anyone "knows best" in that way. If there is a law that truly doesn't make sense and in following or not following a said law hurts no one (Say a certain music genre was illegal, or a certain color of clothing) then of course that is something to be upset about and try to get that law changed, because it's likely unnecessary or even oppressive.

Not littering is not oppressive to ask you to do. Wearing your seat belt isn't oppressing you. It's those kinda things that piss me off when someone says "I have a right" No, you only have a right if in doing so or not causes no adverse reactions on behalf of anyone else. Otherwise, that's a privilege. This is why we pay to learn to drive. Because no one should be doing so with out at least knowing a little of how to not destroy lives on the road.

Freedom is not free. Everything costs money. You want things? You need to follow the rules that allow for them to be available. If you don't agree, explain and also back up why this is so with research and experiments that prove that point. If it's because "I dun wanna" then it's not about freedom, it's about selfishness.