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A whole new world 4 3, 4:00am

It shows how silly and desperate it's gotten.

When here are certain demographics that are so hell bent on ruining the planet for fun and personal short term profit that al lthe normal, reasonable sensible actions, like laws and regulations and any kind of good sense enforcement or compliance are thrown out the window, it comes to this. Laws are blocked, regulations stripped, regulatory bodies gutted, and even if none of that happens, the dumpers continue to dump anyway and get a slap on the wrist, if anything.

I don't understand why some people are just so damn DESPERATE to ruin the planet. it's like a Captain Planet villain, where the bad guy is wringing their hands and going 'oh, i sure do love smog and toxic waste.'

It's sad and absurd that the only way left to twist their arms into not being disgusting slobs is to grant rights of person hood to geological features, so they can get the 'protection' of the constitution (which itself is laughable anymore).

To all those conservatives so hell bent on dumping industrial waste in the nearby river (or just your own trash) who say it's absurd to call a river a person? CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE. In fact, corporations have more rights than you do, seeing as how they can never get imprisoned, never get fined so much that their crime becomes unprofitable (IE they profit off of crime, even when busted), and get super special royal treatment in courts. They have more speech rights than you do (because money is speech, so no money, no speech; they have all the money, ergo all the speech) AND the right to buy politicians, with all that speech.

Only trouble is, rivers, being hippies, have no money. I'm sure the argument will devolve into whether or not rivers, as people, should get welfare checks. To then use to bribe politicians.

It's all so absurd.