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A whole new world 4 3, 6:11pm

@yoisi No, but allowing the government to selectively decide which individuals to afford basic human rights to is most definitely a form of fascism. Do you imagine there will be some magical divine power to declare with unerring justice which persons have fulfilled their responsibilities? No, it will be handled by human bureaucracy and be susceptible to human corruption. Most likely it would involve the employment of paper pushers working for minimum wage according to guidelines with minimal discretion to take individual circumstances into account, and with no incentive structures to ensure that their assessments are fair and unaffected by prejudice. What do you get? People from poverty-stricken states who are disproportionately religious and of lacking in education, with the result that black people and gay people are disproportionately declared as having not fulfilled their responsibilities. There will be an appeals system, naturally, which will be equally cursory since there would be a lot of appeals.

Tell me, is there anything about this that does not strike you as fascism?