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A whole new world 4 3, 8:29pm

@Kalcipher A person's right to not be discriminated is another person's responsibility to not discriminate. If they don't do their responsibility, they can be punished by law. The river's right to not be polluted is a person's responsibility to not pollute. Rights and responsibilities are two sides of the same coin. Currently the law enforces that people keep their responsibilities in that you can get punished if you do not keep them (aka breaking the law). The company who dumped toxic waste in the river did not keep their responsibility to dispose the waste properly. The law and the judges is what decides they did not keep their responsibility.

The point being that responsibilities are not necessarily the same as fascism.

Also, too much focus on the rights might remove the focus from the fact that it's a balance of rights and responsibilities, that people need to take personal responsibility if others are going to have their entitled rights. Defining a river as a person, so that it should get rights, so that people shouldn't pollute it, that is an example of where you should have focused on people's responsibilities to not pollute it instead.