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A whole new world 5 3, 2:49am


Bureaucracy expands to serve the needs of expanding bureaucracy. There is never enough budget to do everything that an agency wants to do.

Considering that plenty of arguments were made in favor of compensating for political power of few wealthy people, idea of compensating for physical size and power of few large bodies of water should be apparent.

TP not only admits it's political bias, it's founder has direct ties to Clintons. You should take a look at original text, especially since it was conveniently linked in the article. Reading that I see an attempt of legislative trolling by 7 Kansas Republicans, and measure wasn't even voted on yet.

Isn't it bigoted to automatically ascribe positions of several individuals in Republican party to all conservatives? Especially considering that not all Republicans are conservatives and not all conservatives are Republicans. Jeff Sessions, for example, is a Republican and his stance on asset forfeiture was criticized a lot by conservatives, libertarians and, certainly, registered Republicans.
Compare that to that the fact that race-based wealth redistribution is directly mentioned in Democratic party's platform in 2016.