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A whole new world 5 3, 5:34pm

@Tarmaque Well I don't really know what's written in the US constitution, but I suppose it only refers at some point to either the french declaration of human rights or the universal declaration of human rights (united nations). The rest of the constitution should be a technical explanation on how the people are going to express their will (how they elect their representatives, how those representatives are going to rule etc...). I don't really think the constitution should be the place where you talk about the rights and responsibilities of the people...
That being said, restricting the rights of someone because he's not upholding to its responsibilities is a dangerous idea... Because believe it or not, we all have different definitions of what the responsibility of everybody should be. For example, I think being rich is a sin in itself (because it technically prevents other people to enjoy food and/or comfortable life), should we put anyone who's rich (let's say you are rich when you posess more than 10 million $ for example) behind bars ? Well, I think we should (actually, I don't think that, I think we should just take their money and be done with them, but I'm just making a thought experiment here), but do you ? And should we do it just because I think we should ? And if not who's going do decide what is the so called responsibility of people ?
And actually, there is already something that is supposed to do exactly this kind of thing and it's called the law. Which means that the state has already decided what everybody's responsibilities should be. It's kinda simple : you respect the law but you can do everything that it does not prevent you to do... Maybe the law is not good enough for you, but then it's an entire other problem because it means that either a minority of people are thinking like you do on that particular matter, or that USA is not a real democracy (and it's probably a little bit of both... I believe our modern democracies are no democracies at all but rather well-thought oligarchies. But usually when the vast majority of people want something, it's bound to happen at some point)