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A whole new world 5 3, 10:23pm

@NeframeTheCosmonaut opposition to eminent domain has nothing to do with holy code, it's an opposition to what seen as violation of property rights.

"Following your own religious beliefs is fine, trying to force it upon others isn't" works both ways. When Catholics are required to recognize same-sex marriage or topay for medical insurance that provides abortions/abortifacients, you bet they will try to resist that. Especially considering that same-sex marriage was introduced by a judicial ruling, not a proper vote.
Average American Christian is increasingly perfunctory. Church that has become a social club will be okay with a lot of things.

Authoritarianism is impossible as long as US Constitution isn't heavily amended or disregarded altogether. Republicans, at least right now, prefer to keep it as is and interpret it in textualist manner. That is, in fact, reflected in recent SCOTUS nominations.
Collectivism and ideology of class struggle, along with idea that efficiency of scientifically managed society is superior to capitalist one, were foundations of totalitarian Soviet state.
I'd take status quo or smaller government with more pronounced codification of moral values over USSR 3.0.