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A whole new world 6 3, 3:00am

@Kalcipher you made up hypothetical fear mongering situation just because i mentioned that people need to remember that they also have responsibilities. thus once again proving my point that modern western people are terrified of the word. i used the word so loosely too with no political statement attached to it, yet everyone still got so triggered by it and down voted me THUS proving my point.

Also gays? minorities? that didnt even cross my mind. im not a racist or sexist.. i dont divide people up in to groups like that like you do. i support them to have the same RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES as everyone else. so yes im one of those that disagrees with race based affirmitive action because that is an inherently racist system to begin with. i DO support affirmitive action based on economic situations however.

btw the TRADITIONAL definition of fascism is having a totalitarian/authoritarian system or govt. when did i even advocate anything like that? you are using the word wrongly.