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A whole new world 6 3, 3:15am


I'm not the one throwing in the term fascism here. You do. To me, doing something for others or the community, be it paid or voluntarily, isn't fascism. As I stated before. So I guess it's up to you to define what you mean with fascism and why doing something that isn't about whining about rights, is de facto fascism.

I fully agree that you should take that whole website with more than just a pinch of salt. Including this 'article'. Just a few things that I noticed while reading the article:
- there's no mentioning of title or author, while referring a lot to 'the (new) book'. Strange, isn't it? It makes things hard to verify.
- it mentions a lot of possible statements (no source given, so again hard to verify anything), of a young JFK in the 1930s. So, before World War II started and unveiled what Nazi's were really about. It was also during the great depression in the US, at a time when a lot of people were open for alternatives to the established powers and mechanisms. Germany was flourishing while America was in depression, after all, so of course that gets attention. Of course people start looking for why things are good there.
- Plus that the quotes mentioned are hardly shocking, unless (deliberately) put in a specific perspective as is done here and in hindsight of what would happen years later. So, once again, to me that article doesn't prove anything. For example, saying that the German Autobahn is of great quality isn't a fascistic statement to me. Even I think they're still in great shape, generally, nowadays and usually a pleasure to drive on. Does that make me a fascist or an admirer of Hitler?

just a ps. I believe what Hitler did was Nazism, in which fascism, nationalism and a lot of pseudosciences like eugenetics are combined. That's a dangerous cocktail, as we know now.