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A whole new world 7 3, 7:06am

@ImportViking "I do fully agree with you that Mussolini was a fascist, at least according to my ideas of what fascism is about."
a) it would be very strange if founder of Italian Fascist party wouldn't be a fascist.
b) you still didn't provide any description of what is your idea of fascism is. Considering following text, I'm beginning to suspect that you have no such idea. Am I correct?

"but Nazism and fascism are two different things, really"
No they're not. One is subset of another, since they share defining ideological positions. For same reason Peronism is often described as fascist movement, even though it has no significant racial component.

If you're having trouble with reducing identifying features of fascism to a couple of sentences, here are two leading questions:
1) Fascism formed as rejection of which political ideologies?
2) What were main ideological positions which differentiated it from those ideologies?

Everything else is pointless if you don't have basic understanding of civics.