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A whole new world 7 3, 4:37pm

@Think_Tank Well, that wasn't my point anyway (I intentionnaly made a statement that I knew few people would agree with) and I used "sin" but I probably should have used "crime" (well I suppose it could be a delict depending on how rich you are) instead as I'm not christian.
But beyond the semantics, what do you mean by "natural consequence" exactly ? If it's because you think that someone that makes something useful should be rewarded, I agree with that (but it's still a social construct, this has nothing to do with nature), but it's not necessary that he is to become "rich". And our society is not even working that way anyhow : not every rich has done something useful for humankind (most of theme were just born rich), while some people that were really useful did not become rich (Einstein, Mozart, Moliere, Van Gogh...), some were even miserable their whole life.