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A whole new world 7 3, 9:55pm

"Abandoned" might have been exaggerated, but in the city I live in (Linköping) it is much less prominent than other parts of Sweden, even in the rethoric of the far-left and alt-left parties. We still have problems, of course, but the poorest people around here is roughly equivalent to what most western countries would call 'upper workers-class', differences in income and education between natives and foreigners are negligable past the first five years (since by that point most are fluent in swedish and know how our society opperates as well as a native), over-all crime rate is only slightly lower but hate-related crimes are rare (compered to the rest of sweden; I haven't compered our stats to international) and when they do happen it usually isn't majority-on-minority, but rather minority-on-minority (there is some animosity between homosexuals and bisexuals, some ethnic groups are here because their countries have spent the last 40 years bombing each other (though it rarely becomes violent) and so on). Same goes to a lesser extent for the rest of our province.
I'd like to note that I can't prove what is chicken and egg here; if reduction in antagonism and furthering of common goals to society leads to strengthend economy and more egalitarian outlook, or if overcoming hurdels makes class struggle obsolete and catalyses progress towards oppression-free society.
Cultural outlooks and values probably plays into it as well; us being materialistic, xenophile, and mutualistic may have made us more susceptible to views 'common good' than other societies would be.