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North- and Southgermany 9 3, 7:00pm

@Wolfenbuehl Thank you for the work you made yourself to educate me. :) It is indeed the sight of a Northgerman and I knew especially the Southgerman will polarize, but as much as I hear here in the North nobody refers to Francian, Swabian and if only little to Baden or Württemberg. The North is also not so united as it is pictured here. I personally as a Mecklenburg-Westpomaranian (which I also don't see as one Region) don't really like the arrogance of the slogan "Schleswig-Holstein the real North". But if it's about Southgermany all here would agree that we are Northgermans and that Northgermans are better especially in speaking german. :D It was not meant to offend.