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The Easy Way 18 3, 6:53pm

@Snickerwolf22 Well, it was way more than 6 million years (6 million years would be around the time the human and chimpanze diverged and it's really a short time compared to the age of the Earth)...

My point was that from a rational point of view it is way more probable that the Bible was written by humans with human knowledge than by some superhuman prophet guided by a transcendental mind (because we have the proof that humans exist and that they write books but we don't have the proof that superhumans ever existed, moreover all that is written in the said book seem to indicate that it contains only knowledge that was available at the time it was written). You can still find stories and interpretations to explain why what's written in it is possible with our current scientific knowledge, but at the end of the day believing that is still an irrational choice, because the fact that it was written by a standard human is way more likely (and more likely is really an understatement). I'm not saying that Jesus 'the son of God' Christ existed and that the evangiles were written from lessons he gave is impossible, I'm saying that this is very unlikely and that Jesus 'the regular human' Christ existed and incredible stories were written about him because humans are superstitious creatures is a more likely explanation because it doesn't invoke things like miracles, the existence of god, angels, resurrection and a lot of other things that we have no proof exist.
That being said, humans are by no means rational creatures. When I said scientific mind, I suppose I meant that I always try to have a rational view on the world (and even while knowing about cognitive bias and all that stuff I probably still make some irrational choices), but this is my 'way of life' and I certainly do not want to impose it on you (or anyone). I just wanted to give you an insight of what, as an atheist (and a skeptic), I find doubtful about the Bible (and that it's certainly not the idea of 'God', which has little interest to me because it's not a refutable idea).