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Let me sing you the song of my people 21 3, 5:29pm


Interesting. Initial suspicion is that it was ignorance but could be wrong. Possibly a very rose tinted view of the French revolution in their eyes so they didn't check the actual wording.

One of my all time favourite films is Casablanca and there's this great scene where your got some Germans singing "the watch on the Rhine" and in response Laszlo tells the house band to start playing La Marseillaise, which they do with a nod from Rick and the Germans are quickly drowned out by the locals. D) - Especially touching in that I once read that many of the 'Frenchmen' doing the singing were Jews who had escaped from Nazi control.

High drama is then followed by comedy when under orders from the Germans the corrupt Vichy police chief does so on the grounds that he is shocked to find gambling is being carried out in the club, only to be interupted by one of the staff telling him "here are your winnings." :)