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Was he attacked by a stripper? 25 3, 5:38pm

@CritterKeeper Not necessarily... It's been proven that nocebo and placebo effect are real things and that thinking you are suffering is sufficient enough to make you actually suffer. Now believing in false stuff is also widespread among humans, I would go as far as say that we all have at some point in our life (but most likely we still all are) believed in things that are/were false, the big difference is that some accept easily than others that they were wrong...
Being afraid of new things (like technology) is not that irrational a behavior : what you don't know can often hurt you. Without involving a conspiracy theory, there are still plenty of reasons to believe that a new technology can be dangerous mainly because there have been several cases in which it has been proven afterwards that some widely used stuff was actually pretty bad for your health (essentially because you don't always have the time to thoroughly test it and because some effect are only visible after using them for decades).
Don't be too fast to judge others without taking a good look at yourself... Chances are you are as much delusional as they are about some other stuff.