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The ideal woman is fictional 30 3, 6:53pm

@Santeyan It's a poll among experts (not sure what qualifies them but I can accept that they are). While that's somewhat different from simply a poll of public perception, it's still close enough which means there's a bias making it more likely that countries are named that are:
1.) more prominent in reports of problems
2.) getting worse
Kazakhstan and Mali are on pretty much no one's mind. There were no prominent recent news about the state of civil and women's rights and while they're (to quote Trump) "shithole countries", they've been that for a long time while. On the other hand, for the past few years there have been massive news about attacks on civil and women's rights in the USA or rape and human trafficking in India and the perception is that the situation is getting worse because of their current nationalistic governments. So surely India is worse by now than Afghanistan (where half the country is controlled by the Taliban) and America is worse than at least Mali or Kazakhstan? Yeah, according to the perception-based methodology of this study - though certainly not according to proper statistics.

Now that I think about it, it's pretty much a perfect representation for the state of the world today: Facts don't matter if they don't feel right.