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The ideal woman is fictional 31 3, 3:23am

@HHWinston Okay, I'm not from Kazakhstan, but we are hearing a little bit from there here in Russia, also I have some Turkmen and Kazakh blood and obviously relatives in these countries. And actually that is completely true, not for Kazakhstan only, but also for all countries of Central Asia, amount of such cases can differ depending on country. Such kidnapping practised mostly in villages. Sometimes there is an agreement between young people, they using it as a way to be together if their families don't allow them to marry. But in most cases it is just violence against women, girl just brought to man's house where is a lot of his relatives and they make some engagement celebration because there is a bride in their house now. Girls can't say no and just leave physically and mentally, because it would be shame for a family if daughter returns home after that, it is quite rare when family go and save girl out of that situation, in most cases they just do nothing and go to an engagement. And quite often if not always that kidnapping including rape. In Russia is widely common in regions of Caucasus like Chechnya and Dagestan, I think even more common then in Kazakhstan, despite the fact that it is strictly prohibited by the law, and it is very complicated situation because we have our not concerned about people government on the other hand and regions with nationalities that extremely dislike interference from outsiders on the other hand. I saw a project a couple of years ago where some women who was kidnapped told about their stories and also there was a lot of discussions when a 18-years girl from Chechnya married a 40+ years old man, he is a big official in there, she wasn't kidnapped, but as there is everything built on family ties in the region, she practically had no choice, her denial would affect all her relatives. However still all this countries and regions are a way less dangerous than Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and etc.