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@TuxedoCartman You can just buy smokeless powder, it's also fairly simple to make. primers are also fairly simple to make, you can make them with matches: (you can buy primers tooooooo) and people probably stockpile both
about a quarter of america owns guns and i assume most of them have ammo to go with them. the guns are already here, you are correct that if you could poof of all the ammunition out of existence you couldn't really shoot guns anymore. (other than people making their own with the powder and primers already mentioned)
except banning ammunition sales would not get rid of all ammunition. in fact, as soon as anyone caught wind of a law that bans ammunition sales, i'd imagine people would buy as much ammo as they possibly could because they want to keep shooting their guns. because they're not stupid. "they just banned ammo cletus. "bob aint that like banning guns? is the guvrnment tryna steal our freedom?" nah cletus it's probably fine, they're just doin' it so people stop eating shotgun shells"
not to mention criminals, the ones we want to stop from getting ammo, would be the only ones able to buy it. because the black market is a thing. and if you're gonna shoot someone you probably don't mind buying ammo illegally
you sadly can not poof guns out of existence, it would cost a lot of money and a lot of deaths to try and take guns from america. but even if you could, you would have to poof the knowledge of guns out of existence: because people will make their own.
i'm of the belief that you have to actually teach gun safety to people, mainly "THIS THING WILL KILL YOU, DO NOT POINT IT AT THINGS, THEY WILL DIE, AND YOU WILL GO TO JAIL" and to teach people that their actions actually have consequences. a ton of the kids i talk to are suicidal or depressed, we need to help them so that they don't become future school shooters or criminals. But i am not here to stuff stupid beliefs down your throat, i'm just trying to educate you about guns