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The ideal woman is fictional 31 3, 6:43pm

@HHWinston Of course it's not part of the day to day, and obviously you wouldn't see those practices in the capital. I'm just saying that a country where, in rural areas, bride kidnapping is frequent enough to be reported on regularly and accepted by the inhabitants of those areas has more problems in terms of women's rights than the US. I'm not generalising, it's a fact that those things happen and denying it doesn't make you an open minded citizen of the world, it makes you blind to statistics. I'm not saying kazakh culture is bride kidnapping, I'm saying that central asia as a whole is a place where those practices exist. Whether or not it's cultural or flat out crime is irrelevant to the argument that women are safer in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan than Texas, for instance.
An example of something which is indeed cultural is the burqa, and Saudi Arabia is in the top10 list partly because women aren't even allowed to show their faces there, and can be sentenced to death for crimes that aren't even illegal for men. I don't get your argument at all, it's like you're trying to paint me as an ignorant and generalising xenophobe because I recognise that there are worse countries than the US as far as women's rights go.