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The ideal woman is fictional 31 3, 8:15pm


Spoken like someone who doesn't know the issue - but has a strong preconceived notion that the US couldn't possibly be anything but wonderful - because "freedom".

Now US women enjoys far fewer "legal and physical protection" then women in any western European country - and they certainly aren't more successful in business (which doesn't have anything to do with the question of the study anyway).

Regarding political representation for women, US is WAY behind not just every other western democracy - but A LOT of other countries as well.

You currently rank in 79:th place in the world - which is fifty places below Tunisia and nineteen places below Afghanistan, to give you a comparison...

And several Muslim majority countries (who the Republicans love to hate on) have even had female presidents and prime ministers, for example.

But the average American knows virtually nothing about the world outside the US, and lives in the kind of bubble where "no way the USA" could be worse then any other nation.

Which is why you continue to fail in so many areas compared to so many other countries.

It's not that you couldn't do better - it's that in your own imagination you're always number one already.