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The ideal woman is fictional 31 3, 8:37pm

@CrystalCore It's in comparison to other countries where women have more equal rights, opportunities etc. USA still has a very high violence and rape rate vs many other countries.

The USA is over all very sexist, as it favors women in areas that don't matter and shouldn't be there (like who gets custody) but there is little to nothing protecting really anyone from rape, domestic abuse and childhood abuse.

It is because the USA is sexist that it is a crappy place to live if female. Because there are so many still sexist favoritism laws and then few that actually matter. It's the culture. The culture has to change to see females as humans, not defined by having a vagina, not discriminated because they "might" have kids. And also full parental leave for mom/dad equally, as the first 2 years are so important to a child's development.

In general the USA is very backwards when it comes to gender specific laws and enactments. Also the toxic masculine culture that is right up there with a lot of middle eastern countries also listed is a huge problem, for everyone, not just women. Men don't get treated with any respect or dignity when it comes to being abused especially sexually by other women or even other men. It's treated as a joke, the don't drop the soap, as if the massive amount of suffering many males have at the hands of other males and females is something to ignore and pretend it doesn't exist. Because if you are a real man, it wouldn't of happened to you. That you're now a female. That in itself is just disgusting and such a fucked up way of thinking. That being "reduced to a female (rape/sexual assault can only happen to/should only happen to women type of thinking)" is a negative, so negative that it gets joked about. This is a common theme in toxic masculine cultures. It's horrific for everyone.

Given this, it's pretty easy to see why USA made the list.