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The ideal woman is fictional 31 3, 8:52pm

@VRipper That I agree with. States like Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado are vastly different from the Bible Belt states, Florida and really anything in the south east.

That being said, it is seen as a whole country, even if the states should honestly be their own countries, or at least put up into regions considering how different east to west can be or north to south. So that's the way it's often taken in studies. Per capita is probably a better measurement because it still accounts for the population density.

As a dual citizen of USA and a country in Europe I personally attest to the study being probably true. And am frustrated with the nay sayers thinking that the bar to be measured is nearly any middle eastern country that is known for basically no women's rights at all. It's not a hard level to pass and no one should be patted on the back for not shaming if someone is raped, not committing genital mutilation etc. No gold star for basic human decency.
I would call the list bunk if USA wasn't the last on it though, because it is definitely better than many of the other countries mentioned, just shit compared to a lot of other industrialized nations. So 10th place sounds about right.