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A whole new world 31 3, 8:56pm

@comrade_Comrade I'm not having any issues with making a one sentence definition of fascism. But I am still waiting to hear your definition. As said, you brought up the term in a way that's not entirely in line with mine. So instead of changing the subject by providing you with a definition that you can criticize or use against me, I'm still waiting to hear your definition. You still haven't provided one. :)

Thanks for stating that I have not a basic understanding of civics. I believe that I have far above average understanding of it. But feel free to believe what you want, it says a lot about you and the way you view any discussion partners and maybe even your world.
As said, I'm not going to make blunt statements here, as it's the internet and things can escalate fast. But please feel free to do so if you think it enhances any discussion.

Just one thing: that something is a subset of another thing or shares a few ingredients doesn't mean they're basically the same. Pancakes and hot cocoa have a lot in common, but to me they're totally different things. :)

ps. sorry for the late reply. I'm not very often online so things may take some time.