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The ideal woman is fictional 31 3, 9:34pm

@Santeyan I don't know all of Central Asia, but I know Kazakhstan, and that is why I know that these practices are not as common as you would think, and it doesn't happen in all rural areas, but so many foreign communities would not live so happily in Kazakhstan. I never denied anything, I even gave you the reason that in certain areas there are Kazakhs who rotate to those customs, but they are isolated cases unrelated to the reality of the country. I agree 100% that Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship for women, a young woman was recently beheaded for trying to fight for women's rights. But Saudi Arabia is not comparable to Kazakhstan in any way. It's still strange, that Saudi Arabia is so ally of the United States and the West being such an ... extremist country.
Of course, there are countries worse than the United States when it comes to women's rights, like their friend Suadi Arabia, but Kazakhstan, to the exclusion of unfortunate and isolated cases, is not among them.
And still recognize that the United States, Europe, etc., still have problems with women's rights, without comparing with other countries, it's not bad.

I'm sorry if I offended you at some point.