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The ideal woman is fictional 2 4, 4:59pm

@dlaV This seems to be the study :
And as you can see there are probably raw data somewhere BUT they have no real value as they are a collection of opinions of so-called experts (including and I quote "journalists" and "social commentators")
It is basically a poll conducted among pseudo-experts so it has a little more value than a vox but not much...
It is more a reflection of how people around the world see the world than how the world really is.
I don't know if the survey was altered to have such an outcome (I doubt it was) BUT it was probably twitted on social media a lot BECAUSE the US had such a position (so it's basically the same)... What I mean is that there are probably thousands surveys like this one out there that have not the USA in such a bad spot but those ones were ignored because they were not deemed interesting by social commentators (or as you put it people couldn't feel outraged about it).