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@Brigid Well this is honestly a theoritical debate that could make sense because it is a valid argument to think that giving people the means to fend off criminals by themselves would reduce crime. But it is also a valid one to think that preventing people from having an easy access to weapons will render more difficult well... the access to those weapons. Plus by doing so you also prevent firearms accidents ("oops I was just playing with my gun and I shot someone by mistake"). And the occasional psycho from killing anybody ("I want to blow off some steam, so I'm gonna shoot some guys until I calm down").

All that being said, I prefer facts to theoritical debate. I'm certainly not an expert on that subject, but statistical evidence suggests that there is a correlation between the number of firearms circulating and the number of death by firearms ( Overall gun regulation seem to reduce significantly gun violence (

I'd like to pinpoint to you that in europe where such regulation are enforced we have 7 times less (at least) gun violence than in the US, so it could be that Americans are 7 times more prone to violence than Europeans... or it could be that they are allowed to use guns to unleash that violence...