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@Brigid Well because violence is related to firearms possession doesn't mean it is the only factor... As someone said, brazil has a ban on guns but has way more gun violence than the US. So obviously gun regulations aren't the only problem here. That being said, the first study I linked is comparing US states and making correlations between US states so it obviously is taking the difference in the states themselves and still finds a link between gun possession and gun violence (and if Chicago is indeed a counter example, then it means it should be even harder to find such correlation)...
NB : I didn't read the whole study of course because gun control in the US is not something I am THAT passionnate about (and the study is pretty long).

I'm not so sure banning guns would only be treating a symptom, growing up with guns being a normal thing to use and have around and growing up with guns being dangerous thus illegal to use and posess probably push you in a different mindset overall (again this is theoritical speculation, but data seem to indicate that, while social factors may have a bigger impact on violence overall, gun regulations do have an impact too). And anyway what could be the hurt in trying to implement harsher regulations ? Hurting US weapon industry ? I mean do we really want to have our industry producing weapons instead of food, houses, health and education (I'm speaking in a general sense, I'm no US citizen myself, but we do have a flourishing weapon industry in France too... Though we can't compare with the US obviously...) ?