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Bend the truth on your job application 13 4, 1:13am

@Isdaril I don't really have an issue with that, unless it goes against the suspension of disbelief, like a black girl being a biological member of a completely white family (unless she wasn't that dark) or a person accused in-story of being a "white slaver landowner" being possibly the one with the darkest skin (and with a typical african-american hairdo).

And, well, I suppose that part of the issue is that it's not a "story" it's "history" (fictionalized history, but real characters) and that there will be more people that associate those names with the play than with the history books, which will probably bring a lot of confusion.

Also, most black people fought the war in the british side (the national anthem makes reference to the blood of black enemies and the Constitution was soon amended over the main text to make black people "not equal"), so that side was really not the best for black people to thrive. Not to mention that not only they were about the last country to get rid of african slavery, they were the second to last country to embrace equal rights (and the only country that did it after them has surpassed them leaps and bounds in technical implementation and social regarding).