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Bend the truth on your job application 14 4, 9:33pm

@OBrien Well it might be that I am just twisted from the way I grew and live but. Word as gender for me means physical thing. So basically when I hear "I identify as something" in gender terms I hear "I wish had those organs" and nothing more. On sex topic - f*uck whomerver you want, I dont care. On "love" - wtf it is? IMO, best friend, whatever the gender.
So yeah, that it is idiotic phrase used to justify yourself to others/gain their sympathy (for which I dont care, I am who I am)...
And to clarify, I am white/straight/male, this is not written in angst or something...
Edit: so to your first, short answer is, it is idiotic, unless you want vagina or dick which you dont have....