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The ideal woman is fictional 15 4, 6:05pm

I think the numbers that made up the data for this survey are from reported crimes only. The US is seeing a lot more reports of sexual assault now that victims have more support (we’ve also seen a few gender-based killing sprees within the last few years, which are throwing the numbers off). We certainly are no where near perfect, but i have a hard time believing that it’s worse here than in Japan (where more sexual assaults happen, but they are not reported), or Honduras (where murders of women are under-reported because their remains haven’t been found and identified), just to name two examples.
The people who did this study might also be looking specifically at women’s healthcare, which the US lags far behind in, compared to other developed nations (fun fact: the US has the highest maternal death rate of any developed nation, and the only one that is increasing). Add the fact that poor women of color are far less likely to be able to afford healthcare or have a job that pays for it, and i can see where this study is coming from, even though it is incomplete.
All in all, I think that the worldwide gender gap report ( is a much more accurate study of gender equality around the globe. The US ranks number 49 on that list, which sounds about right (better than most third world countries, but at the bottom of the stack when compared to other first world ones).