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Mother's Day Card 17 4, 5:46pm

I wouldn't presume to speak on behalf of all Americans, but pretty much everyone here I've ever spoken with on the matter considers our utter lack of reaction to the Nazi problem a grievous mistake. Our failure to sufficiently react to the fall of France especially stands out as one of our (several) great shames.
There are Americans who like to call the French a lot of cheese eating surrender monkeys, but even these misguided assholes when pressed typically acknowledge France as a revered ally who just got unlucky with the Nazis. To this day anytime something happens to France I hear folks around here quietly praying for the French to ask for our help so we can repay what a number of Americans see as our honor-debt to France.
So even though basically everyone helped us get free of Britain, Americans in my circles at least tend to lionize the French a bit. And let's face it... we really want to get into that lovely tricolore and give her Bastille a right good storming; we'd love for her to make us see Stars and Stripes Forever.