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Daily Rituals 3 5, 3:13pm

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Just for you to know. I love neckties, wear them so often that even my daughter draws me with them, have a collection of 50+ . I am the only one in my company of 900 who wears them. I am a (little) boss. Not even the boss of my boss ever wears neckties in the office. Right now the "standard" of top managers is "casual / outdoor" wear like The North Pole (and of course an SUV to complete it). Everybody pretends to be "cool", "young", "dynamic", "agile". With my 3-piece tailored suits (I have 9 of them) I am the rebel, the weird guy, the absolute exception. The software developers wear all "caual" or "hipster" uniform.

Not much ago I got denied entrance in a disco because of my dress. *ONLY* punk, heavy, casual or hipster were allowed.

I do not feel that I am the fashion slave here around...

Best regards.

America wearing England's shirt