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Respect your elders 6 5, 8:28am

A friend of mine's Grandfather will be 104 in July. He still lives at home alone, and still drives. However his daughters (in their 70's) do his shopping and housecleaning for him. He doesn't walk very good, but mentally he's sharper than I am.

A few years ago Grandpa John had a heart problem and had to be taken to the hospital. His heart rate was 20. With a heart rate of 20 you shouldn't be conscious, but he was smiling and joking and just his regular old self. The guy who was doing his paperwork came over to him to ask him some questions. Name, insurance, address, that sort of thing.

When they came to his birthday he said: "July 6, 1915." The paperwork guy wrote it down, then did a double take. He looked at the form, and looked at Grandpa John. Then he stuck out his hand to shake. "You're my first!" he said. Grandpa John grinned at him, shook his hand, and said "Congratulations!"

His heart rate was still 20. Everyone was shocked he was still conscious. That evening he had a pacemaker installed. Still doing great, and is one of the nicest people you'd ever want to know. Looks like a guy in his 80's in good health.

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