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Respect your elders 6 5, 7:06pm

@Tarmaque My step-dad's grandparents died about 15 years ago. My step great granddad was 92 and ran a farm up 'till about 6 months before he died. His children (all in their mid 50's through late 70's) convinced him to sell everything and relax. He died because he had nothing to do. His wife, my step great grandmother, died about 6 months after he did because she didn't have to take care of him anymore. I forget exactly how old she was, but she was in her late 80's.

To be fair though, she had had a LOT of health issues. Even before he died, she spent most of her time sitting in a recliner. I think most of us were shocked she held on as long as she did. As for him, I know he would have lasted longer had he been able to keep his cattle because he spent so much time taking care of them.

They worked on that farm every day since they were married back when they were both around 17.

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