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Respect your elders 7 5, 2:39am

@Tarmaque My Grandma passed away almost 2 years ago, a month and a half away from her 101st birthday. :) She was the most AMAZING woman and most people couldn't believe that she was more than 80 or 85. She could barely hear, or see (macular degeneration), but she still lived in her own house, she still sewed (by FEEL) on her old Singer factory machine (she was a seamstress her WHOLE life), and she still told the best stories. She had outlived all of her 4 siblings, her husband, her man-friend (after my Grandpa died), and most of her friends. She was smart as a whip and wise as could be, but only had formal schooling to 8th grade. People like her and your Grandpa John are rare people indeed. <3

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