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All Work and No Play 19 5, 12:31am

@MagyarChapina same here too.... i wouldnt know what to do with myself in this situation either, id probably cry and want to provide some sort of free education program for any hungarians planning to immigrate to scandinavia, or steep discounts for scandinavian tourists, or at least erect some sort of statue in their honor or something haha.

anyway, as an uneducated american, all i know about hungary is that 'hungary sounds kind of like hungry,' and thats literally all. but the great thing about this comic is that it breeds good-natured, true curiosity, which in turn raises awareness ((with even just a quick google search)) of other places that most people would have otherwise never had any reason to think about at all... for instance i never even knew the rubiks cube was invented in hungary, or that its one of the oldest countries in europe =o
i love satw. ^w^

this personification of him is so cute too ^.^