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Eurovision 2019 22 5, 5:37pm

@Fettpeis I feel worse for you guys in Norway than I do for us. We still wouldn't have won had the jury not existed (although we would have done much better). But you guys were robbed of a victory :(

It'd ridiculous. The jury is ostensibly there to combat block voting. Except that they block vote at least as badly as the general public. And some people say, "Oh, but they're professionals, they judge based on a different standard than the general public." I'm sorry, but no, that's not how art works. If art makes you feel something, *it's good art*, regardless of whether or not you're a "professional". You can't have some "expert" saying, "Oh, no, you're not supposed to like *that* music - *this* is the music you're supposed to like. Those other sounds are the *wrong sounds*. Stop liking them!"

Even if people want to argue that it's a "talent contest" rather than a music contest... oh really? Okay then, I challenge anyone here to do Matthías's voice in Hatari - not just "screaming", but to really sound like a wild-eyed demon. Can't do it as well as he does? Yeah, because that's a serious talent, something he's worked years on. But because it doesn't match the stylistic preferences of the jurors, hey, vote it down. And even if it were a talent contest.... as if the general public can't judge talent for themselves?

What having the juries does is:

A) Distorts democratic voting
B) Adds in easy points of corruption
C) Tends to ensure that we get only generic pop and power ballads rather than innovation. E.g. resisting change and innovation.