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Eurovision 2019 23 5, 8:54am

@Karen As a musician I do feel obliged to mention that the lead vocals would not be too hard to replicate as its trademark "scream" is mostly post-effect distortion. But other than that I have to say I agree completely. The vocals are practiced and the degree of innovation was off the charts I would say. Let's compare it to Sweden...=) What the swede did was not really innovative in any way (but which ESC song ever is), and was visually boring. Hatari broke the mold musically and visually and pioneered a new genre(?)(Can't say I've heard anything like it before). Last year Netta was innovative but did not really break the mold in the same way, merely repackaged and stylized some stuff we've heard before.
And how about that Cyprus/Greece jury thingy? I must admit I laughed a bit when their points were given out. Have to confess to some ignorance on that matter and how it became such.
But seriously, we need more trolls back in the ESC. Need me some Silvia Night and Rambo Amadeus. How was the Icelandic reaction to Silvia Night's participation back in the noughts?