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The ideal woman is fictional 24 5, 8:04am

@Isdaril Poverty does *not* equal crime and violence. The problem is more a lack of respect for the lives of others.

Of course nothing is produced "for free." But I also doubt that the people who go into gun manufacturing would, in the absence of such jobs, go into healthcare or education. They're's very little in common unless you're looking strictly at departments like accounting or marketing that are common to *all* businesses.

Considering inmates are able to make reasonable facsimiles of firearms from newspaper and rubber bands, I'm going to stand by my comparison. Doubly so now that 3D printing is entering the common market.

Need? Not by your definition. But, then, by your definition we don't need cars, electricity, democracy...

I'd also like to point out that most European nations don't dominate international trade routes. 'Gun cartels' mostly exist in the USA because legitimate freight goes through here in such massive quantities that slipping illegal stuff in is fairly easy.

And then there's the whole 'defending me and mine' argument. Opinions vary, of course, but I personally feel more secure living in a country whose government does *not* have a monopoly on armaments.